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The Crown Stewardship Podcast

Nov 10, 2021

This week on the Crown Stewardship Podcast, we welcome Dale Losch, President of CrossWorld and author of Giving Outside the Box. If you have ever cringed the moment a pastor started talking about tithing, don’t worry - Dale’s approach to giving is grace-based and joy-filled. You’ll be inspired as you hear stories of God’s faithfulness as Dale’s family has made giving a lifestyle, and what it looks like to make it a priority to store treasures in Heaven. The world tells us we can never have enough money, but listening to Dale will encourage and inspire you to trust God more, by giving more.

Dale Losch serves as president of Crossworld, a missions organization whose goal is to send disciple-makers from all professions, to launch disciple-making communities in the world’s least-reached marketplaces. Dale draws on his formal education, his decades of pastoral and cross-cultural ministry, and his real-life experience as a husband, father, and friend. Dale is the author of A Better Way: Make Disciples Wherever Life Happens, and Giving Outside the Box. One of the things Dale enjoys most in life, besides spending time with his wife, his kids, and their twelve (and counting) grandchildren, is sharing biblical truth with everyday relevance so that people can discover life as it is meant to be.


“God loves to bless generous givers. He loves generosity not because He wants to make us poor - but because He wants to make us rich in a way we are never going to lose.”


Podcast Highlights:

  • Dale tells how being raised in a home where giving was a priority shaped the way he lives. 
  • For each year of marriage, Dale and his wife decided to give more and more to God, and each year they have seen God’s providence. Dale tells stories of how he has seen real examples of God’s provision, trusting God to meet their needs, both big and small. 
  • There is a wrong place to accumulate wealth, He wants us to “lay up for ourselves treasures in Heaven.” What does it look like when we use money the way God intends? And what do eternal treasures actually look like?


We hope you find this conversation informative and inspiring. Please join us each episode and please share the podcast with anyone you feel it might encourage.